17 Fabulous Indoor Beaded Curtains For Windows

Are you finding a design of beaded curtains for your window curtains? Windows are fun to decorate and add character. It attracts guests and makes your home more homey and cozy. In this post, you will see several fabulous indoor beaded curtains for windows that will surely help you pick yours.

Beaded curtains gained popularity in Western culture in the 1960s. Asian culture used beaded curtains before the West started using them. They use stones or gems as lucky charms or feng shui

Beaded curtains are usually around three ft. wide and six ft. long. You can use two curtains for windows bigger than that. You can also trim if your window is shorter. Be careful with square-shaped gems or materials as they easily ravel or knot.

It is not only used as window curtains but also in doorways or as a divider in a room. It is very artistic and colorful, which can make a room vibrant. And, it's not limited to the home. Some restaurants, such as Chinese restaurants, use it to add flair and unique personality to their places.

You can see beaded curtain windows made of wood, bamboo, crystal or gem, pearl, synthetic crystals, and many more. They are flexible from simple to complicated and from mono-colored to multi-colored. You can almost play with it to come up with your design.

A woman moves a beaded curtain aside to see the sunlight, 17 Fabulous Indoor Beaded Curtains For Windows

1. Crochet Wooden Beaded Curtain

Door curtain in a coffee shop

First up is wooden and fabric inspiration. It gives off a little boho-style. It is a design where you can have a peak outside your window while at the same time enjoying privacy in your room.

And this is a style when you don't want to overwhelm your windows with many colors but don't want it to leave bare and boring. It is your pick if you have a scenic view. And, if you know crocheting, it's a little project you can do.

2. Jewelry Beaded Curtain

Shiny colorful blurred beaded curtain in retro style by night

It is similar to the crochet-beaded curtain above. But, looking more closely, it uses few jewels and leaves intervals with the cloth panel or strings. It is simple though the jewelry provides sophistication and look to the entire window.

It's cute and easy-looking. It makes the plain white window more stylish. It is a good pick if you want natural light for your room, such as a bedroom or study room.

3. Colorful Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Beaded bamboo curtain

These bamboo beads look trendy. It is a rainbow bamboo beaded curtain. It is more like pastel colors. It's not striking to the eyes. But, it gives a modern vibe. The beads are thin bamboo twigs or columns.

It can provide a natural and earthy look in your room. It is your pick when you want to go all-natural with your designs and if you want to accentuate your minimalistic space.

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4. Floral Beaded Curtain Window

Another bamboo beaded curtain but on another level. It is hand-painted with floral print, displaying a very artistic and alluring vibe. The image is intricate. It serves as a cover for a window and an art display for the eyes.

It is boho-inspired. The floral print color matches the beige room. Black is a classic color that goes with any color. A flower is natural, and so is the color. It is a must-pick if you have an artsy room or studio.

5. Diamond Beaded Curtain

Curtains on the window made of decorative diamonds

Diamond or argyle beaded curtains will upgrade the look of a room. The diamonds in the picture are pear-shaped or like a chandelier. It starts with tiny cuts, then with big-size diamonds in between, and the bits continue up to the end of the strand.

It looks delicate and ideal for a private room without traffic or children visits are rarely expected. The owner of the room will bathe with glamour and style. So, it's ideal in an executive or skyscraper office with large wall windows.

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6. Crystal Beaded Curtain

Beatiful crystal like hanging beads

This crystal-beaded curtain reflects light from the outside, adding glitter to the room. The picture has tiny transparent crystals that almost look like diamonds from afar. It doesn't look delicate but is friendly to place in gathering rooms like living rooms.

You can also use it in arches or trees to indulge in a luxurious style. It is your pick if you dwell in glitz and glam.

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7. Sparkle Beaded Curtain

Handmade sun catcher with crystals and beading window curtains hanging

Sparkle beaded curtains or suncatchers come in various shapes and shades of color. It has this handmade details using popular items, including stained or colored glass, beads, and crystals. It seems like a wind chime or has the idea of the dream catcher.

It brings color to your room when the sunlight hits it. It gives a playful and peculiar vibe. It is your pick if you are fond of handmade and dreamy looks.

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8. Little Gems Beaded Curtain

Gem beads blind curtain

The curtain in the picture has many little Moroccan blue gems. It is also called a Moroccan bead curtain, and the blue hue makes the room cool and breezy. Kids will love looking at it or having it in their bedroom windows.

It can be a great addition to coastal restaurants since it bears excitement and an authentic vibe to a shop. It can also be another DIY home project for you.

9. Gemstones Beaded Curtain

Modernist curtain of crystal beads of different colors and pendants with different symbols

These are Czech glass crystal gems with twenty-four strands and a purplish hue with turquoise stones. The beads are medium-sized to big. It covers most of your window.

It covers the room and has light to dark tones. It looks personalized or customized. It is your pick if you like some boho or eccentric inspirations.

10. Raindrop Beaded Curtain

Glass curtain with big white glass beads

The curtain in the picture has little peachy raindrop beads. It covers the entire window frame and creates a rainy or cool ambiance. Raindrop shapes are soft to see.

Raindrop shapes are common in beads or jewelry. It has this dangling style and looks heavy at the bottom, supplying weight to the curtain.

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11. Bubble Beaded Curtain

Transparent curtain of beads

It is the most transparent and minimal design among the designs in this post. It creates an optical illusion of raindrops or sprinkles on your window. It adds coziness to your room, especially during the autumn or winter.

It has this sweet and pretty style. You can also add another layer of light fabric curtain with it. It is a pick for a subtle window curtain.

12. Ball Chain Beaded Curtain

Bead curtains close in and out of the church Of a temple

These ball chain beads are dark brown, building rich color in your room or shop. It has a seamless design that you can't almost see the string or the connections, making it look lightweight and floating.

The round shapes prevent twisting or entangling from each other, especially when there's a wind coming from outside.

13. Pomp Pom Beaded Curtain Window

Colorful vertical beaded curtain

The bright-colored pom-pom beads brighten up the room and give off a jolly mood in the room. Kids will love this design.

It can be placed in playrooms or pre-schools with high windows to prevent kids from playing with it or any accidents. It is a good choice for all ages who loves to have fun.

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14. Pearl Beaded Curtain Window

Luxury curtains pearl

Genuine pearls for your curtains may cost you a lot. The imitation pearls in the picture are not easy to fade. It creates a romantic atmosphere in the room. It can be a stunning updo for a romantic dinner, a wedding event, or a party in your house.

15. Capiz Shell Beaded Curtain

Shell curtain

It is another cute and pretty style. These thin sheets of shells or capiz have smooth white color and are translucent. It shines brighter in the sun. These shells make little clinking sounds when bumping into each other. It also serves as a wind chime.

It looks neat. And, on some sides, the white turns kaleidoscopic like the underwater colors of purple, blue and green, especially when struck by sunlight.

16. Gold Beaded Curtain Window

Gold coin fragment curtain

This gold coin beaded curtain pairs well with parties or celebrations such as a wedding anniversary dinner. It glitters and is eye-catchy to the guests. Gold stands out in dim rooms or at night, making it romantic.

It is your pick if you are into gold or metallic designs. It is preferable to use both at home on certain occasions and in your room or shops.

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17. Black Beaded Curtain Window

Black pearl curtain

These black beads come in diamond cuts that build a gypsy and chic style. Black is classic and romantic as well. It does not darken the room since the beads are shiny materials.

It is your choice if you are after a chic and mono-tone theme. It can also serve as decoration for your home events.

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In A Nutshell

Beads are playful and flexible materials for your window curtains. You can also incorporate it into other styles and materials.

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